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The park in Zaprudy is a former city garden near the Moscow outpost. Planted with lindens, it had a characteristic park layout, which is quite simple and is a rectangle with alleys along the perimeter, crossed by alleys crosswise. Nowadays it is a landscaped area. The classic layout of walking paths has been restored with the placement of benches, trash cans and lighting devices - stylized historical lamps.

One of the most notable architectural decorations of the renovated Zaprudsky Park is the wrought-iron rotunda on the central alley. Its facade is decorated with a pair of large clocks, and the interior space is illuminated by a beautiful stylized lantern. The plan of historical Kolomna is carved on the tile, which is laid out on the floor of the rotunda. There is also a playground with swings and an outdoor library. Those who come here by car can leave it in the parking lot - there are three parking lots around the perimeter.

How To Spend Vacations

The park of culture and recreation "Dubki" was built in the city of Ozyory in 2016 in a picturesque forest belt near the stadium. A. Grinin and the Ice Palace "Arena of Legends". This recreation area was created thanks to the participation of the Ozyory city district in the governor's program "Parks of the Moscow Region".

On an area of about 6 hectares there are sports and gaming facilities, small architectural forms, a ski-roller track and other facilities. The park quickly became a favorite vacation spot for the lake dwellers. Children and teenagers have mastered children's playgrounds and sports grounds. Adults spend time in the park near the Wishing Stone. And of course, everyone liked the symbol of the park - the Deer.

Due to the fact that the Dubki park was included in the governor's improvement program, landscaping work took place in 2018. The most striking element of the renovated park was the new entrance group, consisting of the word "Lakes", where the capital letter "O" functions as an entrance arch. In addition, a stage was built, which is intended for holding cultural events. Guests also like the "living labyrinth" around the "Wishing Stone", arranged from plantings of perennial shrubs.

Today, Dubki Park is a modern recreation area within the city, which attracts many citizens and our guests of all ages. Not only thematic events and game programs are held here, but also big holidays.

How To Spend Vacations

Pine forest park is a new point of attraction for residents and guests of the Lakes. It is noteworthy that the name of the future place of rest - "Sosnovy Bor" - was chosen by the residents themselves. From generation to generation, native lakers pass on stories that at the beginning of the last century there was a forest area, some of the majestic pines of which have survived to this day.

The park zone is currently an unfinished project, but it can already receive guests on its territory. The park is an area with children's and playgrounds, gazebos, art objects, sheds with benches and swings, bicycle paths, and a dog walking area.

On the walking route of the Western quarry, it is planned to create conditions for a comfortable pastime at any time of the day, equipped areas with gazebos, benches, decorative lighting and landscape design. It is also planned to equip viewing platforms for photographing the nature of the area, descents to the water, wooden decks with sunbeds, MAFs for newlyweds, a platform for getting acquainted with the history of the city and a platform for large public events with a multifunctional pavilion and a place for installing a collapsible stage.

How To Spend Vacations

The manor and park complex "Sennitsy" of the 18th-19th centuries - the former estate of the noble family of the Gagarins - is one of the most beautiful places in the Moscow region, an invaluable open-air museum exhibit.

The two-story house of the manager of the end of the 18th century, the horse yard of the turn of the 19th-20th centuries in the forms of eclecticism, the housekeeper's house, the servants' room, the laundry, the Voznesenskaya stone church of 1709 in the style of the Naryshkin baroque, the ruins of a power plant and a greenhouse-tomb built in 1894.

In Sennitsy, the original landscape has been preserved, and unique plantations have remained, including a 120-year-old larch alley and several oak-linden trees, as well as a cascade of ponds, many secluded and open paths.

Comfortable conditions for unhurried walks, contemplation, research and doing what you love are created here. Entrance to the estate is free.

How To Spend Vacations

Peace Park was founded in the autumn of 1948 on the initiative of the workers of the diesel locomotive plant and was the "property" of the famous Kolomna plant named after V.V. Kuibyshev, this was the name of the Kolomna plant at that time. Peace Park is the largest park in Kolomna. Its area is 26 hectares. The fence is 2 kilometers long. About 8,000 tree seedlings and 30,000 shrubs were brought here. For a long time the park was not fenced. Residents of nearby houses used it for grazing livestock. Later, it was decided to enclose the park with a metal fence, consisting of powerful cast-iron gratings. The engineers of the diesel locomotive plant worked on her drawings.

In the center of the park, a fountain with illumination was built, in a huge 36-meter bowl. Also, various attractions were installed on the territory, among which the Ferris wheel 26 meters high turned out to be the most popular. This is the only attraction that has survived from that time.

In 2001, the Peace Park passed into the city's ownership, reviving its attractiveness - a favorite vacation spot for citizens. It has already celebrated its 70th anniversary, several generations of Kolomna residents have walked along its alleys, forgetting about their difficulties and problems here.

How To Spend Vacations

«Патефонка» - креативный кластер в историческом центре Коломны на месте долго закрытой от публики заводской территории, где за двести лет сменилось несколько производств:

Шелковая фабрика

Патефонный завод

«Текстильмаш» – современное производство


Теперь это творческий квартал для досуга или бизнеса с двухсотлетней историей.

Здесь проходят экскурсии по территории Арт-квартала и на производство «Автокемпер-пром», резиденты «Патефонки» проводят мастер-классы и дегустации: гончарные, художественные, ремесленные.

На территории квартала можно перекусить в Гастро-баре 12.5 или взять с собой кофе и пирожки в Хлебной сторожке. Для тех кто гуляет после заката работает раклет-бар «Малевич» с музыкой и танцами, с сыром и вином.

Жить на «Патефонке» тоже можно – для этого открыт Арт-хостел «Два Гуся» и даже кемпинг «Патефонка». Даже свой бизнес можно организовать на площадке творческого пространства Арт-квартала «Патефонка».

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