Zaprudsky park

  • Запрудский парк

The park in Zaprudy is a former city garden near the Moscow outpost. Planted with lindens, it had a characteristic park layout, which is quite simple and is a rectangle with alleys along the perimeter, crossed by alleys crosswise. Nowadays it is a landscaped area. The classic layout of walking paths has been restored with the placement of benches, trash cans and lighting devices - stylized historical lamps.

One of the most notable architectural decorations of the renovated Zaprudsky Park is the wrought-iron rotunda on the central alley. Its facade is decorated with a pair of large clocks, and the interior space is illuminated by a beautiful stylized lantern. The plan of historical Kolomna is carved on the tile, which is laid out on the floor of the rotunda. There is also a playground with swings and an outdoor library. Those who come here by car can leave it in the parking lot - there are three parking lots around the perimeter.

Address: Kolomna, Zaprudy City Park
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