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How To Spend Vacations

Theatrical and sightseeing tours with master class tea drinking and tasting of sweets. The sweets are handmade and arranged in elegant musical bonbonnières.

Today in the museum shop everyone can try confectionery according to recipes of the XIX century and plunge into the historical era.

How To Spend Vacations

In the very center of Kolomna, next to the Kremlin, a new museum, 10 Hares, has opened. Entertainment here will find visitors of all ages. Guests are greeted by friendly staff, who will gladly present three themed halls: "Kremlin", "VokZal" and Gingerbread Shop. You will become a participant in a theatrical performance, you will be able to “ride a train” that takes the path between the present and the past, make your own printed gingerbread, take part in a tea party and you can choose a beautiful delicious gingerbread for yourself or as a gift in a shop that works at the museum, and you will also be able to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and see the first interactive model of the 17th century Kremlin in Kolomna. The main highlight of the hall is the mechanical construction of the Marinka Tower, which allows visitors to see all its levels.


Discounts, preferential tickets, free wheelchair access.

How To Spend Vacations

At the Pyatnitsky Gates of the Kolomna Kremlin, our cozy museum "Fragrant Joy" is located. Here you can feel the recreated atmosphere of the trading establishment of the Kolomna soap merchant Grigory Ivanovich Suranov, who lived and worked in Kolomna at the turn of the 19th - 20th centuries.

A rare collection of soaps, packaging, perfumes and colognes from pre-revolutionary Russia awaits you. Today in our museum you can listen to “fragrant stories” and aromas, touch old exhibits and for a moment transform into the inhabitants of Kolomna of the 19th century! And be sure to take a piece of the past with you in the form of unique products made by the Fragrant Joys Manufactory.

We invite you to visit theatrical tours, participate in fragrant master classes and quests! Explore the history of the city with us.


Interactive excursions, theatrical performances, master classes, quests.

Preferential visit for schoolchildren, students, pensioners, disabled people. Children under 3 years old - free of charge.

How To Spend Vacations

The Patefonka Art Quarter is a creative cluster in the historical center of Kolomna on the site of a factory territory that has been closed to the public for a long time, where several production facilities have changed over the course of two hundred years:

Silk factory

Gramophone factory

"Textilmash" - modern production

"Auto camper-prom".

Now it is a creative quarter for leisure or business with a history of two hundred years.

There are excursions around the territory of the Art Quarter and the production of "Autocamper-prom", residents of "Patefonka" conduct master classes and tastings: pottery, art, craft.

On the territory of the quarter, you can have a bite to eat at the Gastrobar "Ne wine goat" or take coffee and pies with you at the Bread Lodge.

Жить на «Патефонке» тоже можно – для этого работает Арт-хостел "Два Гуся". Даже свой бизнес можно организовать на площадке творческого пространства Арт-квартала «Патефонка».

How To Spend Vacations

Crocodile farm

Cost: adult ticket - 400 rubles, children (children under 14 years old) - 350 rubles, children under 4 years old -

is free. Also, preferential tickets are given on a pink certificate, veterans; large families

families receive a 50% discount for one parent and all children.

There are about 50 crocodiles of different species on the crocodile farm, monkeys, lemurs, fennec foxes,

porcupines, reptiles and more. Food can be purchased for a separate price.

for all animals, as well as feed the crocodiles with a fishing rod. Also for a fee

there is an opportunity to take pictures with a snake, a crocodile, etc.

Snail farm

- visit 200 rubles. from a person.

There you will be told about the types of snails, their feeding, reproduction, and benefits.

There is a cafe on site where you can taste a variety of snail dishes. For example, everyone

known, ESCARGO, Tom Yam from snails, snail meat burger and much more. Who so and

did not dare, for them there is borscht and pilaf, cooked in cauldrons on wood, farm

dumplings, dumplings, pancakes with various fillings.

How To Spend Vacations

The Museum Pastila Factory is one of the most visited tourist places in Kolomna. This is the first living museum in Russia with an open pastille production using ancient technologies and a laboratory for the reconstruction of tastes.

The factory dates back to 1852. Initially, it was a family production of the merchants Chuprikovs, a famous dynasty that presented Russia with a new dessert - marshmallow and founded a factory for its production.

The Museum Factory is a unique opportunity to take a trip into the past. The entire entourage in it is preserved unchanged, and the employees are dressed in costumes of the 19th century. They are guides to the world of history and culture.

Visitors are invited to a tea party with 18 types of marshmallows, each of which will be told by a qualified expert. And as a drink, herbal tea is served, the recipe of which has been passed down for generations for almost 200 years.

After a rich theatrical tour, guests have the opportunity to stroll through the garden, go to a cafe where, in addition to marshmallows, there are other traditional delicacies, as well as purchase sets of marshmallows in the store.

An experimental theater operates at the Museum Factory of Kolomna Marshmallow, whose artists not only conduct theatrical excursions for guests, but also present real full-fledged performances. Performances, as in any theater, are aimed at children and adults.


The museum marshmallow factory is an opportunity to travel back in time, breathe in the air of hay and apples, take a walk in the museum garden, feast in a confectionery, listen to live music, taste dishes from the oven, attend a performance and drink tea in a crimson living room with real Kolomna marshmallows in the old recipes.

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