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Museum of History with Taste "Kolomna Pastila" is a unique museum that preserves and

presenting an intangible heritage, something ephemeral and elusive - tastes,

smells, the culture of being, the way of speaking... The museum object here is the

the lost and revived taste of apple candy - Kolomna marshmallow, which

the whole of Russia knew and loved it. Here they treat you to an old Russian delicacy and

tell about urban legends, traditions, and customs associated with it. You will learn

real stories from the lives of Kolomna marshmallow devotees, among them

and ordinary people, tsars and tsaritzas, and Russian geniuses. Taste history!

Accessibility for visitors with disabilities: There is a ramp

There are no tactile exhibits. There is no induction loop. The toilet is equipped with a ramp without handrails.

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The Kalachnaya Museum has revived the city's old kalachnaya craft. Visitors to

the tour program will be treated to tea and freshly baked hot rolls with

the kalaches are baked here all day long according to the recipe of the XIV century. Also on the menu

of the museum bakery has papushniki and presnushniki, mixed bread and pioneer bread,

pretzels, bagels, and a special roll - Pyatnitsky. What it is and what it's all about,

will be told by the vivacious presenters of the theatrical performance. Spreading generously to the right

and left flour and old Russian proverbs, they will explain that you are not just

bakery products, and unique artifacts that are just as important to the history of

Kolomna, as birch bark writings - for Novgorod the Great.

Accessibility for visitors with disabilities: There is a ramp

There are no tactile exhibits. There is no enduction loop. There is no access to the toilets because of the steps.

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Museum Pastila Factory is one of the most visited places of tourist Kolomna. This is Russia's first living museum with an open pastilla production facility using ancient technologies and a laboratory for the reconstruction of flavors.

The history of the factory goes back to 1852. Originally it was a family production of the merchants Chuprikov, a famous dynasty that gave Russia a new dessert, marshmallow, and founded a factory to make it.

The museum factory is a unique opportunity to go back in time. The entire entourage is preserved intact, and the employees are dressed in 19th-century costumes. They are the guides to the world of history and culture.

Visitors are invited to a tea party with 18 types of marshmallow, each of which will be described by a qualified expert. And as a drink they serve herbal tea, the recipe of which has been handed down through generations for almost 200 years.

After a busy theatrical tour, guests have the opportunity to stroll through the garden, go to the cafe, where, in addition to marshmallow, there are other traditional delicacies, as well as to buy sets of marshmallow in the store.

At the Kolomna marshmallow factory there is an experimental theater, whose artists not only give guests theatrical tours, but also present real full-fledged performances. The performances, as in any theater, are aimed at children and adults.

Accessibility for visitors with disabilities: There is the possibility of visiting the toilet. The toilet is equipped with a ramp without handrails. There are no tactile displays. There is no induction loop.

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Kolomna tramway is the transport and industrial brand of the city. Kolomna is the only city near Moscow in which there is a developed streetcar service.

Only with us you will make a fascinating journey, where you can ride in any weather and see a part of the city, which is not traveled by tourists, but keeps the history of the Kulikovo field and the Kolomna gingerbread. Of course, it is in the streetcar that you should taste the "lucky ticket" and measure "meter and cap".

Local history becomes an interesting journey, and the holiday becomes a useful and exciting activity on themed streetcar tours. Impressions you want to share!

A unique format of cultural leisure - a tour by streetcar at any time and in any weather. A thread from the present leads the rails to the past, and from the huge streetcar window you can see the city as if in the palm of your hand!

June 6, 2013 was the opening of the excursion route "Kolomna Tram of Wishes". Over the years, the excursion route has won the hearts of many citizens and tourists of Kolomna. Became the winner of many regional and all-Russian competitions.

After the tour (or before it), you can always visit any museum on the route, as well as order an additional walking tour - we cooperate with all the museums of the city and can make a free individual program for you, as well as recommend the best guides.

Accessibility for visitors with disabilities: The streetcar is equipped with a ramp. There are no toilets.

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Private museum of blacksmithing and folk crafts "Blacksmith's Sloboda" was opened on February 13, 2010 in Kolomna. The museum exhibition consists of wrought (mostly), cast and wooden products from different eras and is based on the collection of Ilya Georgievich Lebedev. The beginning of the collection was about 20 years ago and at the moment it includes more than seven thousand items. These things are a part of our history, witnesses of events in the life of man, family and people.

In the museum you can see the workplace of the village blacksmith, weapons and armor of warriors of past centuries, accessories for fishing and hunting, forged household items, many of which have long been forgotten. You can also find out how and with what they used to build huts and cultivate the land, what horse harness consisted of and much more about the life of our ancestors.

Accessibility for visitors with disabilities: Partial access to the museum is possible, there is no ramp. There are no tactile exhibits. There is no induction loop. There is a toilet, but it is not equipped.

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A huge ecosystem. Consisting of a snail farm, crocodile farm, insect farm. There are also group programs, a restaurant and several types of baths. Also you will not leave empty-handed, you can buy local products.

Accessible to visitors with disabilities: No tactile exhibits. There is no induction loop. There is a toilet, but it is not equipped.

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