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Crocodile farm

Cost: adult ticket - 400 rubles, children (children under 14 years old) - 350 rubles, children under 4 years old -

is free. Also, preferential tickets are given on a pink certificate, veterans; large families

families receive a 50% discount for one parent and all children.

There are about 50 crocodiles of different species on the crocodile farm, monkeys, lemurs, fennec foxes,

porcupines, reptiles and more. Food can be purchased for a separate price.

for all animals, as well as feed the crocodiles with a fishing rod. Also for a fee

there is an opportunity to take pictures with a snake, a crocodile, etc.

Snail farm

- visit 200 rubles. from a person.

There you will be told about the types of snails, their feeding, reproduction, and benefits.

There is a cafe on site where you can taste a variety of snail dishes. For example, everyone

known, ESCARGO, Tom Yam from snails, snail meat burger and much more. Who so and

did not dare, for them there is borscht and pilaf, cooked in cauldrons on wood, farm

dumplings, dumplings, pancakes with various fillings.


Site: http://экодеревушка.рф

Address: Kolomna, s. Parfentevo. In the navigator, drive in "Ecovillage"
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