Museum Pastila Factory

  • Музейная фабрика пастилы
  • Музейная фабрика пастилы
  • Музейная фабрика пастилы

The Museum Pastila Factory is one of the most visited tourist places in Kolomna. This is the first living museum in Russia with an open pastille production using ancient technologies and a laboratory for the reconstruction of tastes.

The factory dates back to 1852. Initially, it was a family production of the merchants Chuprikovs, a famous dynasty that presented Russia with a new dessert - marshmallow and founded a factory for its production.

The Museum Factory is a unique opportunity to take a trip into the past. The entire entourage in it is preserved unchanged, and the employees are dressed in costumes of the 19th century. They are guides to the world of history and culture.

Visitors are invited to a tea party with 18 types of marshmallows, each of which will be told by a qualified expert. And as a drink, herbal tea is served, the recipe of which has been passed down for generations for almost 200 years.

After a rich theatrical tour, guests have the opportunity to stroll through the garden, go to a cafe where, in addition to marshmallows, there are other traditional delicacies, as well as purchase sets of marshmallows in the store.

An experimental theater operates at the Museum Factory of Kolomna Marshmallow, whose artists not only conduct theatrical excursions for guests, but also present real full-fledged performances. Performances, as in any theater, are aimed at children and adults.


The museum marshmallow factory is an opportunity to travel back in time, breathe in the air of hay and apples, take a walk in the museum garden, feast in a confectionery, listen to live music, taste dishes from the oven, attend a performance and drink tea in a crimson living room with real Kolomna marshmallows in the old recipes.

daily, from 10:00 to 20:00


Phone: +7 (910) 494-36-36, +7 (910) 494-37-37




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