Peace Park

  • Парк «Мира»

Peace Park was founded in the autumn of 1948 on the initiative of the workers of the diesel locomotive plant and was the "property" of the famous Kolomna plant named after V.V. Kuibyshev, this was the name of the Kolomna plant at that time. Peace Park is the largest park in Kolomna. Its area is 26 hectares. The fence is 2 kilometers long. About 8,000 tree seedlings and 30,000 shrubs were brought here. For a long time the park was not fenced. Residents of nearby houses used it for grazing livestock. Later, it was decided to enclose the park with a metal fence, consisting of powerful cast-iron gratings. The engineers of the diesel locomotive plant worked on her drawings.

In the center of the park, a fountain with illumination was built, in a huge 36-meter bowl. Also, various attractions were installed on the territory, among which the Ferris wheel 26 meters high turned out to be the most popular. This is the only attraction that has survived from that time.

In 2001, the Peace Park passed into the city's ownership, reviving its attractiveness - a favorite vacation spot for citizens. It has already celebrated its 70th anniversary, several generations of Kolomna residents have walked along its alleys, forgetting about their difficulties and problems here.

Address: Kolomna, Peace Park
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