Pine forest park

  • Парк "Сосновый бор"

Pine forest park is a new point of attraction for residents and guests of the Lakes. It is noteworthy that the name of the future place of rest - "Sosnovy Bor" - was chosen by the residents themselves. From generation to generation, native lakers pass on stories that at the beginning of the last century there was a forest area, some of the majestic pines of which have survived to this day.

The park zone is currently an unfinished project, but it can already receive guests on its territory. The park is an area with children's and playgrounds, gazebos, art objects, sheds with benches and swings, bicycle paths, and a dog walking area.

On the walking route of the Western quarry, it is planned to create conditions for a comfortable pastime at any time of the day, equipped areas with gazebos, benches, decorative lighting and landscape design. It is also planned to equip viewing platforms for photographing the nature of the area, descents to the water, wooden decks with sunbeds, MAFs for newlyweds, a platform for getting acquainted with the history of the city and a platform for large public events with a multifunctional pavilion and a place for installing a collapsible stage.

Address: Ozyory, Pine forest park
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