Manor and park complex "Sennitsy"

  • Усадебно-парковый комплекс «Сенницы»

The manor and park complex "Sennitsy" of the 18th-19th centuries - the former estate of the noble family of the Gagarins - is one of the most beautiful places in the Moscow region, an invaluable open-air museum exhibit.

The two-story house of the manager of the end of the 18th century, the horse yard of the turn of the 19th-20th centuries in the forms of eclecticism, the housekeeper's house, the servants' room, the laundry, the Voznesenskaya stone church of 1709 in the style of the Naryshkin baroque, the ruins of a power plant and a greenhouse-tomb built in 1894.

In Sennitsy, the original landscape has been preserved, and unique plantations have remained, including a 120-year-old larch alley and several oak-linden trees, as well as a cascade of ponds, many secluded and open paths.

Comfortable conditions for unhurried walks, contemplation, research and doing what you love are created here. Entrance to the estate is free.

Address: Sennitsy-2 village, st. Lugovaya
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