Skating Museum

Thanks to whom did the first ice tracks appear in Kolomna? How was the sports school "Kometa" formed? Who decided to build the Kolomna Skating Center? You will receive answers to these questions at the Museum of the History of Skating.

In the exhibition you will see different types of skates from previous eras, personal belongings of athletes and coaches, photographs, documents, as well as items that can trace the history of speed skating across the country. This is the only Russian museum that introduces visitors to speed skating from its very beginnings - and this is the distant 1889 - to our time.

Special attention should be paid to the archaeological exposition of the museum. The main exhibit is a pottery forge weighing about 19 tons. This is a special kiln for firing ceramics. It was discovered during archaeological excavations in the historical part of Kolomna in 2000.

Visit by appointment!


Phone: 8(496)616-47-40,

Address: Kolomna, st. Embankment of the Kolomenka River, 7
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