The Racetrackers Show

The Svyatogor Center for Russian Military Culture operates in the Kolomna Kremlin, a laureate of many military-historical festivals, a winner and prize-winner of sports competitions and cultural competitions.

The center has created an exposition of ancient Russian weapons and military equipment, there are children's sections of historical fencing, archery, folk wrestling, historical reconstruction of armor and weapons.

Participants of the Center hold demonstration performances and shows of warriors, tours of the walls and towers of the Kremlin. Guests at the gates to the fortress are met by combatants in full military attire, Russian beauties present bread and salt, offer to taste a honey drink and are invited to the Faceted Tower, decorated with banners, ceremonial weapons. Here everyone can hold a sword in their hand, try on chain mail, shoot an arrow from a tight bow and an old crossbow at a target, and then, together with a group, watch hand-to-hand fights, fights, stories of folk epics and legends!

Visit by appointment!


Phone: 8(496)613-05-46,


Address: Faceted tower of the Kolomna Kremlin
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