Estate of merchants Lazhechnikovs

The estate of the merchants Lazhechnikovs is one of the departments of the Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Kolomensky Kremlin". It is a monument of history and culture of the middle of the XVIII - XIX centuries. The name of Ivan Ivanovich Lazhechnikov, a writer who became widely known as the author of a Russian historical novel, is associated with it. Kolomna is the birthplace of the writer. In 1981, the main house of the estate was handed over to the city department of culture to create a literary museum; this is the only museum of I.I. Lazhechnikov. In 2002, the Lazhechnikovs' estate received the status of a monument of regional significance. Since September 2010, the museum complex of the estate has been presenting the exposition "Kolomna of Past Centuries", tells about the Kolomna merchants of the 18th - 19th centuries and the history of the family and life of the writer I.I. Lazhechnikov. The collection of the museum consists of memorial items donated by the descendants of the writer, as well as items from the funds of the Kolomna Museum of Local Lore.

Address: Kolomna, st. October Revolution, 192a
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