Farm "Vkus i polza"

  • Farm "Vkus i polza"
  • Farm "Vkus i polza"

Anastasia started growing garden strawberries in 2021, winning an agrostartap. Now strawberries (aka garden strawberries in the farmers' language) occupy 2 fields and please county residents, guests, and restaurateurs. "Taste and Use" offers several options for getting their berries:

The first is the finest - come and pick your own berries. And the best in your opinion, pick the best strawberries, and enjoy nature, and make sure that they are environmentally friendly, and introduce the children with farming. We should note that the children's joy is heightened when they hear the sentence "Do you want to climb on tractors?" at the farm. This means that guests are always welcome on the farm!

The second option is the easiest - order a berry in the morning and wait for evening delivery.

There is also a third option, it is the most refined - go to restaurants or cafes in Kolomna and enjoy dessert mouthfuls of those very strawberries.


Phone: +7(901)363-20-00,

Address: 17 km from Kolomna, 14 km from Ozery, Belye Kolodezi Village


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