• Asparagus
  • Asparagus

The first summer participant of the project is traditionally asparagus.

Asparagus cultivation in Kolomna, near Moscow, began in 2015. The company "ECOlomna" was created by French farmer Nicolas and his Russian partner Victor in order to restore the former love for the forgotten vegetable. Surprisingly, there was nothing strange about asparagus for the Russian people of the 19th and early 20th centuries. In Moscow and St. Petersburg fresh asparagus was sold most of the year, and it was the patriarchal merchant Moscow that was the center of its cultivation.

Asparagus is a plant known to mankind since ancient times. It is highly valued all over the world for its taste and usefulness - asparagus contains a significant amount of a variety of vitamins. Asparagus is commonly garnished with fish and meat, added to salads and soups, and even preserved.

Unfortunately, the ripening period of asparagus is very short - late May - late July, so you should not miss the opportunity to try asparagus in our restaurants and cafes, especially every year they offer new, sometimes completely non-standard dishes from a unique product.


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